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Deanna Blair, Paul Russo, Susan Hamilton discuss marketing challenges post pandemic.

Uncommon Sense in Local Business – Overcome Marketing Challenges

By Un-Common Sense / July 23, 2020
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This next era of business presents some interesting scenarios, how will you overcome marketing challenges?

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Uncomfortable Conversations – Uncommon Sense in Local Business

By Un-Common Sense / July 7, 2020
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Getting over the past 3 months means changing our habits and being willing to have some uncomfortable conversations, too.

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Uncommon Sense in Local Business – How to Speak Your Mind

By Un-Common Sense / June 11, 2020
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Co-Hosts Paul Russo, Deanna Blair, and Susan Hamilton discuss the post-Covid world of content in marketing to help you undertand how to speak your mind – and avoid the censorship traps.

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