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Jeff Bickerstaff

Seated2Serve host, Jeff Bickerstaff, is a business leader connecting the dots between business, family, and community, interviewing business owners on topics that support local family business. Get a sense of what it looks like to hold a council seat or run for office as a business owner and discover how you can play a role in the design of your city and community when you participate. Jeff's guests are local business owners who understand the family dynamic and share real life examples of successful approaches to life in business.

Bill Brock on Seated2Serve with Host Jeff Bickerstaff.

Audio & Visual Appeal – Seated2Serve

By Jeff Bickerstaff / October 23, 2020
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In this episode of Seated2Serve, host Jeff Bickerstaff interviews Bill Brock, Production Vendor and owner of White Rock Films.

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Mary Ann Olson and Host Jeff Bickerstaff on Seated2Serve Podcast.

Anatomy of an Insurance Organization – Seated2Serve Podcast

By Jeff Bickerstaff / October 6, 2020
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In this episode of Seated2Serve, host Jeff Bickerstaff interviews Mary Ann Olsen, Associate District Manager of Farmers Insurance in Dallas.

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Jeff Bickerstaff and Jeanie Marten Real Estate on Seated2Serve Podcast.

Seated2Serve – Should You Sell Your Home?

By Jeff Bickerstaff / May 6, 2020
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Seated2Serve Podcast Host Jeff  Bickerstaff talks with North Texas business woman Jeanie Marten, namesake of the Sachse based JeanieMartenRE.com powerhouse.

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Audrey Wallace and Jeff Bickerstaff talk about 5 Loaves Food Pantry on Seated2Serve Podcast.

Seated2Serve – 5 Loaves Food Pantry Positioned to Help

By Jeff Bickerstaff / April 22, 2020
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Audrey Wallace, Executive Director of Sachse’s 5 Loaves Food Pantry explains the face of hunger today, and the growing needs of fixed income seniors, lower income wage earners, and others who are simply going through crisis. 

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Jeff Bickerstaff and Shane Hodge, owner of Sachse Nutrition.

Seated2Serve with Sachse Nutrition

By Jeff Bickerstaff / April 7, 2020
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Meet Shane Hodge, owner of Wylie Nutrition and Sachse Nutrition, a new and smart way to bring health and nutrition to the community.

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Jeff Bickerstaff and Angela Mattingly on Seated2Serve discussing aging parent care.

Seated2Serve – Long Term Care

By Jeff Bickerstaff / March 17, 2020
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Host Jeff Bickerstaff talks with Angela Mattingly with The Avenues of Park Forest Assisted Living about long term care for aging parents.

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