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Jeff Bickerstaff

Seated2Serve host, Jeff Bickerstaff, is a business leader connecting the dots between business, family, and community, interviewing business owners on topics that support local family business. Get a sense of what it looks like to hold a council seat or run for office as a business owner and discover how you can play a role in the design of your city and community when you participate. Jeff's guests are local business owners who understand the family dynamic and share real life examples of successful approaches to life in business.

Jeff Bickerstaff and Susan Hamilton on Seated2Serve on the OBBM Network Podcast.

Seated2Serve – Jeff Bickerstaff Interviews OBBM Network’s Susan Hamilton

By Jeff Bickerstaff / February 4, 2020
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Host Jeff Bickerstaff interviews OBBM Network’s Susan Hamilton about the purpose of Seated2Serve and how we educate the marketplace through the OBBM Network Podcast.

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Seated2Serve – Donna Merrill on Home Based Businesses

By Jeff Bickerstaff / January 20, 2020
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Seated2Serve, Host Jeff Bickerstaff talks with Donna Merrill talk about home based businesses and the financial and structural challenges of getting set up right.

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Power of a Positive Playlist with John Chester on Seated2Serve.

Seated2Serve – Power of a Positive Playlist

By Jeff Bickerstaff / January 6, 2020
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Music Therapist John Chester talks with Host Jeff Bickerstaff about how music can be used for healing psychological and occupational therapies.

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Voice Image Specialist Melanie Murphy and Jeff Bickerstaff on Seated2Serve Podcast.

Seated2Serve – Voice Image With Melanie Murphy

By Jeff Bickerstaff / December 17, 2019
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Voice Over Talent Melanie Murphy sits down with Jeff Bickerstaff to help us understand how voice image plays a significant role in business relationships, from marketing to management.

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Scott Schilling and Jeff Bickerstaff on Seated2Serve.

Seated2Serve – Extend Hope with Scott Schilling

By Jeff Bickerstaff / December 12, 2019
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Host Jeff Bickerstaff talks with Scott Schilling, executive coach, author and speaker, president and CEO of Schilling Sales and Marketing.

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Leigh Barnes, The Edge, on Seated2Serve with Jeff Bickerstaff talking CBD.

Is CBD The Answer For Everything? Seated2Serve

By Jeff Bickerstaff / December 2, 2019
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In this episode of Seated2Serve, Host Jeff Bickerstaff talks with business expert Leigh Barnes about her experiences with alternative health solutions after breast cancer, and what she’s come to understand about the CBD frenzy.

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