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Larry Kortkamp

In this competitive landscape, running a business is challenging. My name is Larry Kortkamp, and if you don’t have your eye on the ball at all times, it’s easy for systems to fail, areas to falter, employees to lose morale, dissatisfied customers to stop placing orders, supply chain issues to erupt, and communication problems to escalate. How quickly and effectively your issues are addressed and resolved could mean the difference between success and failure, profitability or losses, growth or decline.

Houston Gass on Biz Pointz TV.

Emergency Operations Proving Grounds – Biz Pointz TV

By Larry Kortkamp / September 8, 2020
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Host Larry Kortkamp sits down with 2018 Law Enforcement Today Magazine Citizen of the Year Award recipient Sgt. Gass to discuss the Emergency Operations Proving Grounds, or EOPG now used to facilitate that training.

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Worksuites Blake Hale and First Class Caregivers Bernie Francis on Biz Pointz TV with Larry Kortkamp.

Get Back to Work YOUR Way – Biz Pointz TV

By Larry Kortkamp / August 7, 2020
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In this episode of Biz Pointz TV, hear from two companies that are pivotal to local family business recovery and growth.

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Doreen Milano and Host Larry Kortkamp on Biz Pointz TV.

How to Get Employees to Bring Their Best – Biz Pointz TV

By Larry Kortkamp / July 23, 2020
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Employment has long been the number one problem for local business owners, and part of that problem is how to get employees to bring their best, to understand their role in the company’s success.

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Larry Kortkamp and Grace Speese on Biz Pointz TV.

Biz Pointz TV – How Chambers of Commerce Are Relevant Today

By Larry Kortkamp / February 25, 2020
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Discover how chambers of commerce are relevant in communities across North Texas when Host Larry Kortkamp talks with Farmers Branch Chamber Executive Director, Grace Speese.

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Biz Pointz TV – Triumph Business Capital on Factoring

By Larry Kortkamp / February 18, 2020
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When your invoice terms are further out than your need for the operational cash in that invoice, Triumph Business Capital offers financial solutions that don’t require a loan.

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Larry Kortkamp and Maria Scarmardo on Biz Pointz TV.

Biz Pointz TV – Develop a Security Framework For Growth

By Larry Kortkamp / December 17, 2019
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Biz Pointz Host Larry Kortkamp and cyber-security expert Maria Scarmardo, co-owner and CMO with VITECH Security Group, discuss the need to develop a security framework for growth in today’s local business space.

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