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Lynn Davenport

Alex Stein, Stephen Yearout, and Lynn Davenport.

Run Death is Near – Social Impact Podcast

By Lynn Davenport / December 17, 2021
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Learn what to expect and how you can advocate for your loved ones if faced with hospital admission.

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Lauren Davis and Lynn Davenport.

Schoolyard Bullies and the Science of Compliance – Social Impact Podcast

By Lynn Davenport / December 13, 2021
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This battle for parental rights and control is sweeping the nation and we must continue to fight against medical tyranny which is ushering in the biosecurity state. 

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Gene Robinson and Lynn Davenport.

Deception At Dallas College: Higher Ed Lowers Standards – Social Impact Podcast

By Lynn Davenport / November 19, 2021
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The model comes from the Gates Foundation’s New Tech Network created to disrupt the traditional high school model and undermine neighborhood schools.

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Billy Clark and Lynn Davenport.

Jenkins Faces Opposition From Party – Social Impact Podcast with Lynn Davenport

By Lynn Davenport / November 12, 2021
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After more than a decade of political theater under Jenkins’ leadership, Dallas County residents on both sides of the aisle are ripe for change.

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Lynn Davenport and Elka Olsen.

A Healthy Discussion About Immunization Schedules – Social Impact Podcast

By Lynn Davenport / October 22, 2021
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Advertising executive, parent, and avid researcher, Elka Olsen Carroll, has been researching corruption in the vaccine industry for the last 9 years.

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Attorney Warren Norred and Host Lynn Davenport.

Attorney Warren Norred on Local DFW School Board Suits – Social Impact Podcast

By Lynn Davenport / October 12, 2021
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Attorney Warren Norred is busy with local lawsuits regarding mandates and school districts in DFW. 

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