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Lynn Davenport

Attorney Warren Norred and Host Lynn Davenport.

Attorney Warren Norred on Local DFW School Board Suits – Social Impact Podcast

By Lynn Davenport / October 12, 2021
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Attorney Warren Norred is busy with local lawsuits regarding mandates and school districts in DFW. 

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Lynn Davenport and Cam Bryan.

How to Take Your School Board Back – Social Impact Podcast

By Lynn Davenport / October 4, 2021
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Cam Bryan, Trustee on the Carroll ISD School Board, talks with Lynn Davenport to share their approach to school board policy that reflects the will of the community.

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Michael McCracken and Lynn Davenport.

Data Privacy and Data Governance in Public Schools – Social Impact Podcast

By Lynn Davenport / September 24, 2021
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As social impact bonds and human capital investing markets increase, the captive market of public schools offer a treasure trove of data-mining opportunities.

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Susan Hamilton and Lynn Davenport.

Dallas Blockchain: Life on the Ledger – Social Impact Podcast

By Lynn Davenport / September 14, 2021
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OBBM Network’s Susan Hamilton joins researcher and Host Lynn Davenport to discuss implications of blockchain use in our everyday lives – specifically, k-12 education.

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Laurence Cumbie and Lynn Davenport.

Communitarianism: Tyranny With A Smiley Face – Social Impact Podcast

By Lynn Davenport / September 10, 2021
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Lynn Davenport talks with Laurence “Lark” Cumbie, researcher and expert on communitarianism.

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Steve Swanson and Lynn Davenport, education researchers in Texas.

Using Educational Instruction Manuals – Social Impact Podcast with Lynn Davenport

By Lynn Davenport / August 9, 2021
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Regardless of political leanings, there’s a renewed and essential focus on local governing by school boards, commissioners courts and city councils.

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