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Shows produced for the OBBM Network are focused on lifestyle and business success for the local family business sector. That’s a pretty broad brush! But we know that when you’re healthy, focused, and profitable, you’re enjoying your family and making a difference in your community - and that benefits ALL of us around the globe.

Raising The Stakes – Texas Public Policy Foundation

By OffBeat Business Media / October 20, 2020
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The city of Houston is set to raise property taxes on Wednesday well above the 3.5 percent limit set by the Legislature for tax hikes without voter approval.

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Rekesha Pittman and Susan Hamilton on OffBeat Business TV.

Own Your Celebrity Persona – OffBeat Business TV

By OffBeat Business Media / September 28, 2020
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In this episode of Offbeat Business TV, host Susan Hamilton interviews Rekesha Pittman about her book The East Formula, which stands for entrepreneur, author, speaker, trainer.

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Dr. Daniel Wojnicki D.C. with Susan Hamilton on OffBeat Business TV.

Decompress With Dr. Daniel Wojnicki – OffBeat Business TV

By OffBeat Business Media / September 17, 2020
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Host Susan Hamilton talks with Allen-based chiropractor, Dr. Daniel Wojnicki D.C. about his new storefront, and what he’s treating over at Allen Advanced Chiropractic.

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Jacqueline Johnson on OffBeat Business TV.

Adventure and Victory and Business Support – OffBeat Business TV

By OffBeat Business Media / September 8, 2020
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Jacqueline Johnson founded Adventure and Victory to support women in the community through transitions that include second chances, emotional recovery post-trauma, and pasts that many would consider broken.

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Censorship of black conservatives press release image.

CFFS Declares: Black Voices Matter

By OffBeat Business Media / July 9, 2020
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With the “Black Lives Matter” movement continuing to gain strength across America, it would be logical to assume that all blacks lending their voices to social and political conversations at this moment in time are being heard, considered, and celebrated.

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Larry Kortkamp and Susan Hamilton on OffBeat Business TV.

Advertising Power of a Local Approach – OffBeat Business TV

By OffBeat Business Media / June 30, 2020
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Harness the advertising power of a local approach with host of Biz Pointz TV, Larry Kortkamp,and Susan Hamilton, host of OffBeat Business TV.

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