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Shows produced for the OBBM Network are focused on lifestyle and business success for the local family business sector. That’s a pretty broad brush! But we know that when you’re healthy, focused, and profitable, you’re enjoying your family and making a difference in your community - and that benefits ALL of us around the globe.

OBBM Roundtable Podcast with Einstein Printing and Craig Ownby.

OBBM Roundtable – Liberty Lane Series, Local DFW Election Participation

By OffBeat Business Media / October 18, 2021
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Craig Ownby, Tarrant County Political Consultant, joins hosts Susan Hamilton and Larry Kortkamp to discuss local election participation in DFW.

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OBBM Network Hosts John Chester, Robin McCoy, and Susan Hamilton.

OBBM Network Roundtable – Larry Kortkamp, Rick Rawson, John Chester, Robin McCoy

By OffBeat Business Media / September 23, 2021
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OBBM Network Hosts Susan Hamilton, Larry Kortkamp, Rick Rawson, John Chester, and Robin McCoy chat it up about DFW business media.

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Susan Hamilton and Dr. Peter A. McCullough.

Vaccine Policy and Your Business – OffBeat Business TV

By OffBeat Business Media / September 13, 2021
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Host Susan Hamilton continues her discussion with Peter A. McCullough, M.D., Professor of Medicine at Texas A & M Baylor Campus, to include an educated perspective on Vaccine Policy for local business.

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Human trafficking roundtable on OBBM.

SPECIAL: Human Trafficking Roundtable with Jennifer Keltner and Alicia Bush

By OffBeat Business Media / September 7, 2021
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Alicia Bush from Frisco, Texas based Treasured Vessels and Jennifer Keltner with Rescue Party Give, discuss human trafficking in Dallas.

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Susan Hamilton talks with Richard and Ashley Kinney of Farmer's Branch, TX based Your Web Guys.

DFW’s Business Accelerator – OffBeat Business Show

By OffBeat Business Media / August 16, 2021
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Host Susan Hamilton talks with DFW’s Ashley and Richard Kinney, owners of Duncanville’s Your Web Guys, a web design service that focuses on the success of local business.

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Healthcare Explosion!

By OffBeat Business Media / August 11, 2021
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If you want to navigate the healthcare system, you’ll have to ask harder questions and be interested in fixing the root cause of the issue. 

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