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Shows produced for the OBBM Network are focused on lifestyle and business success for the local family business sector. That’s a pretty broad brush! But we know that when you’re healthy, focused, and profitable, you’re enjoying your family and making a difference in your community - and that benefits ALL of us around the globe.

Terry Hill – The Science of Happiness

By OffBeat Business Media / January 6, 2015
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Susan Hamilton talks with Terry Hill, teaching us about the ‘Science of Happiness’ and why it’s important to really think out your financial goals with purpose.

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Healthy Holidays With Clint Fuqua

By OffBeat Business Media / November 11, 2014
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Susan Hamilton talks with fitness trainer Clint Fuqua about staying healthy in an unhealthy world. Don’t miss it!

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Making Sense of Your Cents!

By OffBeat Business Media / October 31, 2014
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Christi Rains of Alpha Omega Bookkeeping and Consulting talks with Susan Hamilton about money and how you might be leaving it on the table when you don’t use a bookkeeper, grab a pen!

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