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Paul Hittner


Paul Hittner started his career in 2009 as a freelance graphic artist pursuing logo and other graphic design projects. In doing so, he found that many startups and even seasoned entrepreneurs had no concept of their identity or what their brand represented. He found himself defining their core values, working to better communicate their competitive edges and adding a deeper meaning to their products.

Through his company, BizVisionary, Paul offers brand development to passionate people with big ideas, including one-to-one interactive workshops, business coaching and custom graphic design services. His ongoing mission of supporting, encouraging and empowering entrepreneurship has lead him to create various business tools, including his Master Collection Brand Development Workbook so that the striving innovators can work through his brand building process on their own.

Paul Hittner and Jaimie Ellithorpe.

Mindset, Manifestation, and Marketing – Building The Brand Podcast

By Paul Hittner / October 15, 2021
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Founder of 540 Strategies, Jaimie Ellithorpe, joins Host Paul Hittner to discuss mindset and manifestation as it relates to marketing. 

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Ali Stofko and Ty Anderson with Host Paul Hittner.

A Matter of Impact – Building The Brand Podcast

By Paul Hittner / October 7, 2021
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Ali Stofko & Ty Anderson, owners of startup A Matter of Impact, talk with Host and Brand Strategist Paul Hittner about their new approach – starting with ‘why’.

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Brett Scharff and Paul Hittner.

Supply Chain Solutions in DFW – Building The Brand Podcast

By Paul Hittner / September 24, 2021
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Brett Scharff is a warehousing and logistics consultant with Suddath Global Logistics in DFW, and he sits down with Host Paul Hittner to discuss the brand story behind his message.

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Sheryl Powers and Paul Hittner.

Acquire and Retain Great Talent – Building The Brand Podcast

By Paul Hittner / September 17, 2021
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Host Paul Hittner talks with Sheryl Powers, owner of MPowered Advantage, about attracting and retaining great talent through creative employee benefits.

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Isiah Thomas on Building The Brand Podcast.

Networking Knights – Building The Brand Podcast

By Paul Hittner / August 20, 2021
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Dr. Isaiah Thomas talks to Host Paul Hittner about building a brand around entrepreneurship in youth sectors through Networking Knights.

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Zain Mohammad and Paul Hittner on Building The Brand Podcast.

Making Legal Cool – Building The Brand Podcast

By Paul Hittner / August 9, 2021
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Meet Zain Mohammad, Personal Injury Attorney, making legal cool using a marketing approach that keeps him front of mind of his ideal client.

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