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Paul Hittner


Paul Hittner started his career in 2009 as a freelance graphic artist pursuing logo and other graphic design projects. In doing so, he found that many startups and even seasoned entrepreneurs had no concept of their identity or what their brand represented. He found himself defining their core values, working to better communicate their competitive edges and adding a deeper meaning to their products.

Through his company, BizVisionary, Paul offers brand development to passionate people with big ideas, including one-to-one interactive workshops, business coaching and custom graphic design services. His ongoing mission of supporting, encouraging and empowering entrepreneurship has lead him to create various business tools, including his Master Collection Brand Development Workbook so that the striving innovators can work through his brand building process on their own.

Valerie Grimes and Host Paul Hittner on Building The Brand Podcast.

Advertising, Branding, and Hypnotherapy – Building The Brand Podcast

By Paul Hittner / December 25, 2020
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Meet Valerie Grimes, founder of The Flow Center in Dallas, Texas, talking with Host Paul Hittner about how her history in advertising progressed to solutions in hypnotherapy.

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