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Susan Hamilton

Susan Hamilton is the owner of OffBeat Business Media, editor and talk show host of The OffBeat Business Show on OBBM Radio and OffBeat Business TV, a business FOR business media company spotlighting what’s working right in American business today. To learn how audio, video, digital magazine articles and ads can help you build a strong, influential brand, contact Susan@OffBeatBusiness.com or call 214-714-0495.

OBBM helps you make money with your business tv show.

How to Launch Your Business TV Show

By Susan Hamilton / November 9, 2018
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As a marketing professional for many years, I often heard you share your vision to become a show host – and today, through media coaching, I still spend generous time teaching your how to launch your business tv show. Look, I know it seems intimidating, but truly – it’s just a process. 

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Family business tv show.

Why I’m Warning Local Family Business Leaders to Value Business Media

By Susan Hamilton / November 7, 2018
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When my Dad died, I realized his wisdom lived on in my heart though memories – but how I wish he’d have preserved it through business media! 

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Bill Wallace and Susan Hamilton on The OffBeat Business Show October 2016.

The Impact of Business Media on Revenue Generation

By Susan Hamilton / November 5, 2018
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Is any video good video? Should you podcast to build your brand? Just what IS business media, and at what point does it serve the marketplace? At what point does it serve YOU?

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Better Marketing When You Take Control of Thought Life

By Susan Hamilton / May 2, 2017
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Focused attention on what makes your products and services amazing – and then learning how to convey that with talent and skill – is the gold that moves your company forward and closer to achievement.

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What No One Is Saying About Legal Pot & Business

By Susan Hamilton / April 8, 2015
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Spread the loveBy Susan Hamilton I watched the pundits argue for and against marijuana legalization in Texas a couple Sunday mornings ago on WFAA. This is such a polarizing subject to people who don’t know anything about pot, I feel […]

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Want To Change The World?

By Susan Hamilton / March 2, 2015
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I’m convinced that nothing happens on the outside that doesn’t happen on the inside first. I’m convinced that the biggest obstacles we face are the ones in our minds. I’m convinced that when like minded people work together, fear is eradicated and power is released.

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