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Suzanne Johns

My clients’ SUCCESS is my PASSION! I am consistent, Show Up! And I’m a winner. My “spidey-sense” is high level (in fact, off the chart.) My main objective is for my clients to become Millionaires. To date, thru my 42 years in the business, I have made 49 Millionaires (that’s net income in their bank accounts from the businesses and investments they have purchased thru me.)

Most importantly, I am an SME in my field. (Subject Matter Expert).
Personally, I am transparent and authentic and real – I just do me.

Business 1st Responders Podcast with Thambo Fitness.

Business 1st Responders – The New Next with Thambo Fitness

By Suzanne Johns / May 27, 2020
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Get inspired as the Business 1st Responders Podcast discuss the new ‘next’ with Osundu Thambo, founder of Thambo Fitness.

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Business 1st Responders Podcast banner featuring Suzanne Johns, Jay Maymi, Jake Jordan, and Conrad Arrambide III.

Business 1st Responders – New Strategy For New Season

By Suzanne Johns / May 13, 2020
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Business 1st Responders Suzanne Johns and Co-Hosts Jay Maymi, Jake Jordan, and Conrad Arrambide III talk new strategy for a new season during Covid recovery.

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How to keep existing customers on the Business 1st Responders podcast on the OBBM Network.

Business 1st Responders – Gain New, Keep Existing Customers!

By Suzanne Johns / April 29, 2020
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The Business 1st Responders weigh in with industry specific insight into banking, sales, and marketing so you can keep existing customers and gain new ones. 

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Meet The Business 1st Responders

By Suzanne Johns / April 15, 2020
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Meet Business 1st Responders hosts Suzanne Johns, Jake Jordan, Jay Maymi, and Conrad Arrambide III offering support for local DFW businesses in transition.

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