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The official media page for Blue Dragon International Consultants, LLC for information and promotion of the national Blue Dragon Presents Series tour. Go to BDIC.net for tour information and event registration at a city near you.

Please share and discuss the interviews on this page, sponsor an officer, firefighter, or ex-military, and call 214-714-0495 for vendor space and sponsor information. Participation in the coveted Founder’s Circle available for a limited time only as tour kicks off and gets under way!

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What People Saying About BDIC

"Mr. Vick, … most of all thank you for what you brought to the group. I wish you had had longer to speak, would have loved to have heard more from you, but other than that I thought the training was fabulous. The speakers were phenomenal and all of your collaborative experience, knowledge and education made it so interesting. I am thrilled that you all are joined to bring your training to others and just so appreciate the group as a whole, your service and your wisdom.

Thank you Thank you!!!!!"

~Heather Hollingsworth
Juvenile Case Manager -
North Richland Hills Municipal Court
Northeast Tarrant Teen Court Coordinator -
NRH * Haltom City * Watauga * Richland Hills

"Thank you sir. This was one of the best courses I have attended in a long time. Great instructors, experience second to none. "

~Brad Nelson, Lieutenant, Durant Police Dept.

"... a police chief who attended came with tears in his eyes at the end of the conference and wanted to talk about personal matters with staff. I was also informed that an attendee who used to be a police officer in California and was involved in a shooting incident almost 20 years ago was still dealing with emotional baggage from that incident. And I believe there were others."

~ Anonymous

"The program is a righteous and worthy cause. Thank you very much!"

~ David D. Cortez, SGT Ft. Worth Police Dept. (Ret.)


What People Say About OBBM

“A great professional with outstanding talent and dedication for media, ideas, business and marketing. A person of integrity and skills that thinks outside the box and can provide the business owner unique expertise in all areas for business success.

Do yourself and your business a favor and enjoy the results for you or anyone interested in business acumen.”

Mark Jones, General Counsel, Attorney and Executive- Blue Dragon International Consultants.

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