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New TV Show Coming Soon.
New TV Show Coming Soon.

Biz Pointz TV™

Never stop improving your business! Larry Kortkamp, founding partner at The Kortkamp Group, talks with industry insiders about the technical side of business. Data integrity in today’s digital era is constantly morphing, and that’s a dangerous place for local business owners who often misunderstand the importance of compliance issues for the health of their brand.

Biz Pointz TV™ offers technology insights, and makes it easy to see how technology applies to local business. It's brought to you in simple, bite-sized nuggets listeners can absorb immediately.

Each episode introduces viewers to awesome people, new innovations, helpful products, processes and ideas. Expand how you think about your business with new and better ways to manage, market, and maximize all you’re doing already. Get inspired to imagine the possibilities!

To be a guest or advertise on Biz Pointz TV™, contact Larry at 972-824-8002 TODAY.  Banners, video and podcast commercials, product placement, mentions, credits and more. Bundle rates available for qualified brands.

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