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Explore Plano with Mavis Everett Program Banner.
Explore Plano with Mavis Everett Program Banner.

What’s Going on in Plano, Texas??

OBBM Network Plano Contributor Mavis Everett is your Destination Detective as she explores the city streets, restaurants and bars, local establishments, and other things to do! Listen Fridays at Noon & 7 PM on the OBBM Network.

~ Meet the business owners and city officials that keep Plano fabulous. ~

Explore Plano Podcast keeps you in tune and in step with the latest and greatest. People want to know what there is to do, where they can go with their families, and how to support the businesses that remain standing - and Mavis brings it ALL. When you support the Explore Plano Podcast through affordable business advertising, you create valuable exposure opportunities for our local community AND your business. Discover the power of brand alliances and positive, straight talk through OBBM Network Podcasts wherever you listen to podcasts and OBBM Radio.

To be a guest on Explore Plano Podcast, call 469-235-6565.

For sponsor and program information, call 214-714-0495.

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