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Life with Lori Podcast.
Life with Lori Podcast.

Living Well with Carol Podcast

Local DFW’s Holistic Wellness Coach and Recovery Strategist, Host Carol Anglin, talks health and wellness with industry experts who know how to keep you operating at your highest level.

Your health is up to YOU!

1 MILLION Americans die of heart disease & diabetes every year!
About 93% of those deaths may have been prevented just by changing what was on their fork.

WHAT ELSE can you prevent, avoid, or improve?

Tune in each Monday and Wednesday at 11:30 AM CST on OBBM Radio, and find her on Spotify, Apple, Google, iHeart and anywhere you enjoy podcasts.

To work with Carol, go to LivingWellWithCarol.com, and call 469-964-1183 for guest and sponsor information.

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