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The Y.E.S. Lady with CharlaA

Tired of telling yourself NO all the time? Are you really being disciplined, or are you stepping on the brakes when you could be experiencing serious velocity in your life, your family, yes, EVEN your business.

Tune in each Thursday at 12 & 8 PM CST for The YES Lady with CharlaA and discover YOUR Encouragement Solutions. Find out what OTHER business owners are doing to break the mold and create split-second transformations that elevate their brand above the rest.

To be a guest or advertise on The Y.E.S. Lady with CharlaA, call 817-808-7703.  Download the FREE OffBeat Business app, or go to to Y.E.S. Lady TV, or listen to The Y.E.S. Lady with CharlaA on iTunes or Google Play through the OBBM Podcast Network.

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