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Your Voice Matters with Rebecca Dollinger.
Your Voice Matters with Rebecca Dollinger.

Your Voice Matters

Where would this world be without YOU? Ladies, you are significant, vital, and necessary, and you are probably so busy taking care of everyone, and everything, that you’re starting to feel a little invisible and unheard. Or maybe, you’ve always felt that way.

It’s a new day!

Your Voice Matters gives a voice to women who at various times in their lives, had none. Host Rebecca Dollinger features guests who have risen from self-inflicted silence, abuse, or cultural silence. These women are all familiar with oppression - as victims, or as creators of supportive networks that help others rise.

YOUR Voice Matters! It’s time to unlock doors and shine light on the chaos so you can be ALL you were meant for.

For guest and sponsorship information, contact Rebecca at tailored2you@rebeccastylewriter.com or 214-729-6307.

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